Cinematography & Videography

A versatile cinematographer with years of experience, I craft striking compositions that promote strong visual storytelling. My meticulous attention to detail ensures captivating imagery, while a keen understanding of light empowers me to paint every frame, be it the bold drama of scripted narratives or the natural elegance of documentaries. This versatility allows me to adapt seamlessly to diverse projects.

First Nations Impact Lab (2023)

GARUWA & Doc Society

Impact Video

Videography & Edit: Ned Mansfield

Something About Sam (2020)

Short Documentary

Director: Aprille Asfoura

2nd Unit Cinematographer: Ned Mansfield

Lawrence Mooney – An Evening with Malcom Turnbull (2019)

Promotional Content

Director: Nick Radford

Cinematographer: Ned Mansfield

Britney (2017)

Short Film

Director / Cinematographer: Ned Mansfield

Tracelines (2017)

Short Film

Director: Olivia Mair

Cinematography: Ned Mansfield

Motherland (2017)

Proof of Concept

Director: Ben Anderson & Jess Gossling

Cinematographer: Ned Mansfield

Yass Queen – Secret Garden Party (2017)

Promotional Video

Videographer: Ned Mansfield

Yeah Nah Yeah – Arts Party (2018)

Promotional Video

Videography & Edit: Ned Mansfield